Green Rickshaws

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Mahindra's Hydrogen Rickshaw, the Hy-Alfa

Its good news to all of us as more companies focus on cleaner solutions to vehicles used in everyday life. Mahindra & Mahindra recently debuted the Hy-Alfa a hydrogen powered rickshaw, that can carry a small load basically a replacement for three wheeler pickups and passenger vehicles.

Recently we carried a story on the soleckshaw, the Hy-Alfa seems like the cherry on the cake for environmentalists, but what can this hydrogen powered rickshaw really do? The rickshaw was unleashed at the at the World Hydrogen Technologies Convention 2009 in Delhi.

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Meet Soleckshaw, the Solar Rickshaw Soleckshaw in Delhi

A refreshing change to Indian roads would be the Solar Rickshaw, if you live in the suburbs in Mumbai you would know what it feels like to be stuck in traffic with a hundred rickshaws exhausts spewing.

But Bombay is not yet lucky, as Delhi is the city where the, "Soleckshaw" has been introduced on a testing period. You may be familiar with Delhi's rickshaws powered by peddling, this one does that and much more!

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