Imported Ebikes Hampering Market Growth?

8:11 AM / Comments (0) / by Clyde

Electric MotorbikesHave you considered buying an electric scooter or electric bike, there are a few things you need to consider prior to picking one up. The Society of Manufacturers of Electric Vehicles (SMEV) has recommended the government in a bid to discourage importing e-bikes and help increase production in the country.

According to the SMEV, there are quite a few un organized players who are importing inferior quality bikes and to add to it the Automotive Resarch Association of India, that checks if a vehicle is road worthy does not have the right regulations and tests in place for electric bikes

SMEV claims that unorganized player do not provide good service nor do they have any regards for the build quality of the vehicle. They claim that many of these players do not stock adequate spare parts and due to these problems, customers may have a negative image about electric bikes, thus affecting the growth of the e bike industry in India.

But on a larger perspective if you look at the rate at which the ebike market is growing over the last two years and that its not even touched two percent of India's two wheeler market. The market share of electric vehicles is expected to go up to somewhere between seven to ten percent. Is it a possibility that the unorganized sellers are eating into the big players market share and making them rather unhappy?

But the SMEV states that more stringent quality checks on the components electric parts need to take place and this will in fact make sure that you get a fair deal. What actually comes to my mind is which big ebike manufacturer is not importing a single component.

But if I was purchasing one, I definitely would look for a manufacturer that can offer me good after sales service.